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Confined Spaces Training is brought to you by XYZ Training Group, one of the country's largest provider of Health and Safety related training courses.

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We have 29 different Confined Spaces course types to choose from and, at this current moment in time, more than 600 Open Courses (public training events) available to be booked online. Our open course portfolio of training dates cover the the vast majority of the Confined Spaces training courses we have available, all of which can also be delivered on client premises, at short notice anywhere in the UK. On all courses we offer our unique Lowest Price Guarantee...

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For over 10 years, the Xyz Training Group has been proud to train thousands of delegates across entire spectrum of fully accredited Confined Spaces training courses. Our network of open / public courses are available at more than 200 venues nationwide and the most popular of these include :

Entry into Confined Spaces inc Escape Breathing Apparatus
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Confined Space Medium Risk City & Guilds
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Confined Space Awareness
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Why Confined Spaces training is important

UK Construction Training offer a wide range of Confined Spaces training courses. Our courses have been designed to meet all your requirements and ensure that on completion you are fully competent in all aspects of your chosen course. Why is Confined Spaces Training important? A confined space is a place which is substantially enclosed (though not always entirely), and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby (e.g. lack of oxygen). A number of people are killed or seriously injured in the UK each year in confined spaces. These occur across a wide range of industries, from those involving complex plant through simple storage vessels. Those killed include not only people working in the confined spaces but those who try to rescue them without proper training or equipment. Training you and your employees to prevent accidents and possible fatalities caused by work is a key priority for UK Construction Training ltd, and gives employees peace of mind that...

Over the past year, we have had the pleasure in delivering training to more than 3,400 delegates across a wide range of Confined Spaces related subjects. Please choose from one of the courses below or contact us here to find out how we can help you with your next Confined Spaces training requirement.

Confined Spaces
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Confined Spaces
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