Fire Safety
UK Construction Training offer a wide range of Fire Safety training courses. Our courses have been designed to meet all your requirements and ensure that on completion you are fully competent in all aspects of your chosen course.

Why is Fire Safety Training important?

It is every employer's responsibility to provide adequate Fire Induction and Fire Training to all Staff members:

* To comply with any fire training requirements highlighted in the fire risk assessment.
* The law specifically requires employers of larger businesses to have adequate fire training of its staff.
* To comply with health and safety at work regulations.
* To satisfy some business insurance policies.
* To prevent the unnecessary stoppage of production or indeed business closure, due to fire.
* To ultimately save life or prevent injury to any employee/s should a fire occur.

Training you and your employees in all aspects of fire safety  is a key priority for UK Constrution Training ltd, and gives you and your employees peace of mind that you  fully comply with all fire safety regulations. As the owner or manager of a business you know that competent fully trained employees are invaluable.

Other Fire Safety Courses Available
Fire Risk Assessment BSC Lvl 2 | Fire Safety Principals CIEH Lv | Fire Safety Aware - CIEH Lvl 1 | Fire Warden Or Marshal | Fire Safety Awareness | Fire Extinguisher |

Our Most Popular Courses
- Fire Warden Or Marshal
- Fire Marshal Trainer - C&G
- Fire Safety Principals CIEH Lv
- Fire Safety Aware - CIEH Lvl 1
- Fire Safety Awareness

Private Courses
All of our Fire Safety training courses are available on client premises at a date, time and venue to suit yourself. Lowest price guaranteed.